April 2018


Pica is a student project that celebrates the vitality of UQAM's artistic community and encourages multidisciplinary collaborations. Its purpose is to promote the development of local talent while establishing contact with the international through an annual publication as well as workshops and conferences. Pica is a learning ground where the error is valued and the barriers are pushed back.


Risk brings us back to the very sources of creation. To create is necessarily to put ourselves in danger, to take a chance. Creatives fail, and the really good ones fail often, writes Neville Brody. Indeed, taking a step towards the unknown allows you to see new perspectives, to leave your comfort zone and to explore new avenues. In the margin, there is a world of possibilities often forgotten, reduced to self-censorship. But to dare is also to risk losing. The risk is ambiguous, since it is always hypothetical, its product results partly from chance. The line is sometimes between failure and success. L’abricot collaborated with us in order to print our project published in Pica. In the end, they printed twelve visuals in four colours randomly overlapped on different papers. It is risky not to show your sources of inspiration. The project was realized with Terry Awashish as part of the typographisme illustration course with Judith Poirier at UQAM.


It is risky not to show your sources of inspiration.

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